Need guidance on your poem? Feel uninspired? Looking for constructive critiscm and solid feedback about your gift? POCKETFIRE wants to build your spine until Atlas is jealous of your ability to carry the sun. 

Translation: we would like to help you with your poetry. 

Our Creative Director (Tristan Cody) and Poetry Edtior (Rachael Crosbie) are here for you. 


AGORA ($10.00): Our beginning package includes feedback on up to three (3) poems by both our Creative Director and Poetry Editor. POCKETFIRE prides itself in providing all authors a safe and helpful space to improve and promote their work. That being said, all feedback is constructive and aimed at equipping the poet with pivotal, defining information about their submissions. 

JANUS ($15.00): The second-tier package in our editing triangle, JANUS includes the feedback from AGORA and includes suggestions on the direction, diction and form of the poem(s). The additional, focused analysis of your poetry will guide the future of your pieces and aim them at becoming fuller, stronger poems. 


CERBERUS ($20.00): POCKETFIRE'S premeir editing packages combines feedback, suggestions on direction, diction and form with fully fleshed out versions of your edited work. As a bonus, all poetry submitted with the CERBERUS paclage will be considered for our anthology (DON'T FEAR) THE FUTURE and KINDLING (Digital Publication Platform). 


Thank you for considering using POCKETFIRE as a way to grow you as a writer. We sincerely hope to make an impact on the future. 

To the promise of more poetry, 
Tristan Cody and Rachael Crosbie